Saturday, November 8, 2008

Man U to Sleep More & Score More

United recently enlisted the help of a sleep coach and several players have got home visits from an expert who advises them on ways to get better rest as a way of improving their on the pitch performance.

Since then he’s been to a good few of their homes.

“He told them to pay more attention to what they sleep on and that they had to take account of height and weight.

“Some of the detail was amazing, like monitoring how much you sweat.
“He went into lifestyle, diet and sleep and then he comes up with a perfect mattress.”

Chritiano Ronaldo was quoted as saying well what about the "trim" the sleep doctor mentioned that the beds were not equipped with "trim" and later came to realize that Christiano did not expect any bed to come with it but that he would supply it en mass, thankfully his bed has now been reinforced to withstand an avalanche of naked women

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