Tuesday, November 11, 2008

St Louis Blues to Pay Your Mortgage

The St Louis Blues have followed in the foot steps of other great marketers like Jackie Moon to come up with their most recent promotion.

At every remaining Saturday home game this season, one lucky fan will have their mortgage or rent paid for four months! A fan will be randomly selected during the game, and all you have to do is be at Scottrade Center when your seat is called. Hold on to your ticket stub and watch for an announcement that you've won.

Let's hope this promotion works and more people attend games so that we can see what the Blues marketing people will think of next.

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Monday, November 10, 2008

Time to Blow Up the Mav's?

The Dallas Mavericks should be concerned, no not about how much this likeness of Dirk makes him look like Napoleon Dynamite but about their play in this young season.

The former Mvp is ahead of last years numbers in nearly every category but the team can't seem to win, having already dropped games to teams like LA Clippers, Denver Nuggets and Cleveland Cavaliers. The team is off to a terrible start at 2-6 and have shown little improvement throught out the first 8 games.

To put that in perspective other Western Conference powerhouses like Memphis, Sacramento and Golden State all currently have better records having faced similar competition.

Remember when you thought this Jason Kidd for Devin Harris swap was a good thing?

The core of Jason Kidd, Jason Terry and Josh Howard had not performed up to expectations and it's clear that championship expectations are far from realistic for this team.

Some may say that it's to early that this season is too young but you must not know Mark Cuban fresh off of hearing he will not be allowed to but the Cubs for any price is now faced with the reality his basketball team will struggle to make the playoffs.

Somewhere Avery Johnson is laughing his ass off...

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Man U to Sleep More & Score More

United recently enlisted the help of a sleep coach and several players have got home visits from an expert who advises them on ways to get better rest as a way of improving their on the pitch performance.

Since then he’s been to a good few of their homes.

“He told them to pay more attention to what they sleep on and that they had to take account of height and weight.

“Some of the detail was amazing, like monitoring how much you sweat.
“He went into lifestyle, diet and sleep and then he comes up with a perfect mattress.”

Chritiano Ronaldo was quoted as saying well what about the "trim" the sleep doctor mentioned that the beds were not equipped with "trim" and later came to realize that Christiano did not expect any bed to come with it but that he would supply it en mass, thankfully his bed has now been reinforced to withstand an avalanche of naked women

Friday, November 7, 2008

Rangers Submit Receipt for Death

The New York Rangers have taken the business aspect of sport to a new low, shortly after their young prospect Alexei Cherepanov dies they petition the league for a replacement pick? saying "with all due respect to Alexei's family and his memory, he is technically eligible to be drafted again next year," the New York Post has reported.

Wait with no respect if he technically gets drafted next year then you'll get the replacement pick

The Rangers have got their lawyer to contact the league's lawyer to try to get a ruling, the whole premise is quite ridiculous. The Rangers are trying to make a claim under article 8.3 (b) which entitles a team for compensation for an unsigned draft pick who again becomes eligible for the draft or becomes a free agent.

In this case Alexei was stricken by tragedy before he could be signed, so the argument that he could still be drafted is like saying well technically (insert any person deceased this year) could still vote.

The league should strongly deter this inquest as it is beyond insensitive and borders on disgusting the Canucks and their young player Luc Bourdon were stricken by a similar situation and instead held a moving ceremony for the player and installed a remberance wall in their stadium.

They Call him Mellow Yellow...

Here's my favorite video of the week so far, which shows the Botafogo defender objecting to receiving a yellow card in the Copa Sudamericana soccer match against Argentina's Estudiantes in Rio de Janeiro.

Chaos in The Windy City

Michael Jordan's name is synonymous with success we use the expression "he's the Michael Jordan of" whatever that person does to signify they have made it to the ultimate level that they are the best at what they do. Well I came across this little beauty called Chaos in the Windy City turns out when it came to Video Games not even was the Micheal Jordan of video games based on a athlete. Myself I never had Super Nintendo but preferred Sega Genesis or would have no doubt had the title myself. Which sits atop many lists of worst games of "all time" turns out MJ still got the number one spot,

Apparently the story line for this goes like this your his Airness late for a charity basketball game when someone steals all your team mates you embark on a journey to get them back armed with only your athletic ability oh and some weapons grade basketballs.


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Monday, November 3, 2008

Problem with Contact Info

Quick update my contact info has been incorrectly posted as tshilton@boilerroomsports.com when it should be terry@boilerroomsports.com, the change has been made in the contact section anyone with comments, concerns or complaints please email me at the new address.