Friday, November 7, 2008

Rangers Submit Receipt for Death

The New York Rangers have taken the business aspect of sport to a new low, shortly after their young prospect Alexei Cherepanov dies they petition the league for a replacement pick? saying "with all due respect to Alexei's family and his memory, he is technically eligible to be drafted again next year," the New York Post has reported.

Wait with no respect if he technically gets drafted next year then you'll get the replacement pick

The Rangers have got their lawyer to contact the league's lawyer to try to get a ruling, the whole premise is quite ridiculous. The Rangers are trying to make a claim under article 8.3 (b) which entitles a team for compensation for an unsigned draft pick who again becomes eligible for the draft or becomes a free agent.

In this case Alexei was stricken by tragedy before he could be signed, so the argument that he could still be drafted is like saying well technically (insert any person deceased this year) could still vote.

The league should strongly deter this inquest as it is beyond insensitive and borders on disgusting the Canucks and their young player Luc Bourdon were stricken by a similar situation and instead held a moving ceremony for the player and installed a remberance wall in their stadium.

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