Wednesday, October 22, 2008


From a young age I was always fanatical about sports, while other kids played with GI Joe, I imagined my figures as the sports stars, I loved; making great plays and winning big games.

I loved the competition aspect of sport, the history, the rules, and played competitive sports most my life, Hockey, Basketball, and Football. I was lucky enough to win a High School Championship in Football as a Senior and the memories of those guy's, playing together over a few years and then winning it all, will stay with me forever.

The opportunity arose to become a blogger for approx. a year ago, for them I blog specifically about the Pacific North West primarily the Seattle Seahawks through my Blog: Hawk Talk, as well as the NBA, focusing for the most part on the Western Conference.

I have to thank Kevin Lee for the opportunity and giving me the time to grow into myself as a Sports Writer/Blogger, early on I had no clue of the how-to, just knew that I had an educated voice an wanted the chance to share it. It has been a little over a year and the experience has been amazing, I still continue to grow, and since have been featured on the site's weekly Radio Show, several times.

It was really my experience at Sportstalkbuzz that became the brainchild for this site, I found myself wanting to discuss things outside of my scope there; I had my own questions, wanted to lead my own discussions.

From the second I started writing, I got the feeling of being involved in sports again, at 32 my competitive days are for the most part behind me, and this provided me with a sort of alternative. Similar to golf in that the competiton in writing lied within myself, to create better posts; I couldn't help but love the challenge.

I find myself dreaming like a kid again about the possibility of turning pro, being a paid sportswriter but am happy being a unpaid amateur.

You can currently find me writing regularly for and as well as posting semi-regularly on and and currently have two new projects in development.

My Bio, would not be complete without thanking my wife, who despite my family duties and my full time job, supports my obsession with sports and has become quite the little sports fan herself, without her this hobby simply doesn't exist for me.

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