Thursday, October 23, 2008

Ditka says No Face Masks?

I was reading an article this morning where Mike Ditka, suggest that the NFL should put a stop to this hitting controversy by eliminating the face mask.

He was asked by a Pittsburgh reporter his thoughts about all the fines and suspensions, recently handed down, by the NFL.

The Steelers have been particularly vocal with both Hines Ward and Troy Polamanu speaking publicly on the subject, Troy stealing more of the headlines by calling the NFL a "pansy league"

Here is the Ditka quote:

"I said a long time ago if you want to change the game take the mask off the helmet," he said. "It will change the game a lot. If you want to change the game and get it back to where people aren't striking with the head and using the head as a weapon, take the mask off the helmet.

He goes on to say something like without hitting you might as well call Football, Soccer umm, OK but doesn't your suggestion turn Football into Rugby?

C'mon Ditka face masks are protection that players need you want to something to encourage hitting that doesn't change the game mandate anti concussion helmet, which teams and players refuse to wear because it looks a little funny.

Turns out I just heard that the same paper that reported this story The Pittsburgh Post Gazette is now reporting that safety Troy Polamanu has suffered his sixth concussion, how many more until he has to call it a career and retire from this "pansy league"

Coach Ditka even Bud Bowl Athletes need Face masks

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