Friday, October 24, 2008

The Greatest Dunk You've Never Seen

Really little is known of this game, in 1986 for some unknown reason Michael Jordan took part in an exhibition game in Trieste, Italy. The owner of the clip originally only put up a 40 second clip of the dunk, but as the film is grainy in spots alot of people doubted the films authenticity.

Then he posted this 2 minute clip and well, there is no doubt that the player is in fact his airness.

This clip is buried treasure not unlike finding a artists or musicians work years later and being able to appreciate how ahead of there time they were and how timeless they have become.

I am surprised how unknown this highlight still is, for me maybe the Vince Carter over the seven footer is better but after that, this clip is right there amazing that even in 1986 more wasn't made of this the difficulty the power, the finish.

Some have hypothesized that Jordan was there to show his stuff to Nike investors or this was game was a prelude to making the brand more global or to the launch of the first Jordan sneaker.

All are good theories but really all that has been posted by people who were there was that this game happened, one individual taped segments of it, primarily taping Jordan and that the game was never televised.


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