Sunday, October 26, 2008

Sean Avery Wouldn't Fight your Sister

Happened to see this Coach's Corner watching the Senators vs Leafs last night, Don Cherry exposes Sean Avery, supposed tough guy and tough talker for not backing up his tough talk with action. Several clips show Avery, willing and trying to get fights with Brandon Dubinsky, while avoiding Orr.

Just an absolute Joke... Avery is quick to criticize, but slow to back up his words

On another note several NHLers have told me, that Sean makes it priority to know every ones personal business and take trash talk to a whole new level, bringing up deaths in the family, a family members handicap, and divorce among other things.

You may act tough Sean but in the end it's just an act, you are a slightly better than average hockey player and a master marketer; that's it!

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