Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Roy Williams wins Best Costume...

Roy Williams is doing his best to become your favorite Cowboys reciever, the former Detroit Lion attended a Halloween function in Detroit dressed as former teamate Tatum "Bell Hop" Bell.

Tatum Bell made headlines earlier in the year, by stealing some cash and underwear from new at the time Detroit Lions running back Rudi Johnson.

He had the opportunity while Rudi was checking into a hotel the team was staying at while newly released Tatum was checking out, the Hotel staff was nice enough to show the video footage to Rudi, who decided not to involve authorities but settle the matter himself.

Karma of course caught up to Bell, as stealing from a team mate is career suicide for a player that has access to pro teams locker room at all times.

Currently he is rumoured to be selling sell phones, bet you a pair of new Hanes that he'd unlock that iPhone I just bought on EBay.

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