Thursday, October 30, 2008

Mats Sundin to Ikea?

The one decision Mats was able to make this off season was to take his new bride Josephine Johansson out to do some shopping, swedish style. The problem a rose when they reached Ikea, Mats just couldn't decide, there were alot of great choices, I mean even if he could decide on a bed? Where would he put it? The salesrep was sure it was down to two choices:

The first is a bed called the Hemnes which would be a perfect fit for the East Coast, classic style and cozy, that gives you that real close to home feeling
While The second one, Floro has a definite West Coast feel, looks like it could be made out of Bamboo, is lower to the ground perfect for cool, moderate climates.But just when we thought it was down to two a friend of his arrived one J.P. Barry who seemed to have some role in picking the furniture had this to say "I mean, if he has narrowed it down to two, that would be big news. At this stage, I would practically put out a press release if he's narrowed it down to two"

The salesrep apparently a fan of Mats said "If you can't make a decision? How did you become a captain of an NHL team?" Mats replied easy,"It wasn't my decison"

Fellow Swede, Peter Forsberg , had this two say "Personally I like to wait until two thirds of the shopping season is over then there are a lot less options open and then do my picking"

He added "My ankle just can't stand the long grind of a whole season anymore, so Mats relax just get in before the Sale when what you do really starts to matter"

Mats respectfully disagreed with Peter "my opinion has always been that you want to be there from the start of the season to be part of the group."

In the end Mats was not able to decide, as you can see in the top picture the furniture decision has got Mats pretty perplexed, upon leaving the store he just kept looking over and over at the catalouge at the various choices, saying "maybe I won't make a decision until later in the season" confusing everyone considering his part of the group comments.

Mats left us with this "I just hope people can respect that it's my right to make a decision, and I think I've earned that right.

Were not arguing but when the summer catalogue was sent to your house 5 months ago and we knew you were looking hard through it all your options we just thought well you might make a decison before the Fall.

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